Lake Scanno and Lunch

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We hiked down a steep hill to Lake Scanno. This was not too vigorous. There was no way to get lost as long as you went down hill. The trick was to avoid branches in your face as you wound down thin paths. When we arrived at Lake Scanno, a band was playing music. Nunzio said it was for us, but some of the group thought he was kidding. So we walked on with the shepherds past the lake. Then we were informed that the music indeed was for us. We had a long break at the lake. The older kids rented paddle boats and the adults drank or soaked their feet in the water.  I kept trying to get a perfect picture of La Chiesa della Madonna del Lago sitting on the lake and built over the only road skirting the lake. At one point I told my new friend that we needed three red cars to drive under the church to catch a picture that would show cars entering and leaving the tunnel under the church. Watch what you ask for. When we were not camera ready it happened-three red cars in a row!

After this, lunch followed. We went back to the edge of the park with the shepherds and had a marvelous spread of food. The surprise for me was the Pane Dorato (Golden Fried Bread). It was like French toast without any sweetness and the egg was thick on the fried bread. The taste and smell brought back a memory of my grandmother’s cooking, an emotion, but no clear image of a memory. So I need to ask others if grandma made this bread. Of course there was the jug of wine.


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  1. Hi Christina, I just found your interesting blog today.Thanks for the link to my post about the Chiesa. I look forward to reading more of your fascinating stories!

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