On to Pineto, September 10, 2017

I left Rome in a downpour. While walking to the Metro, someone behind me talked. I thought that I had dropped something. He was trying to sell me an umbrella. My new rain jacket with hood was working just fine. Right then I wished that I knew an Italian swear word.

I took the Metro from Termini to Tiburtina and then found the bus depot. Later in the day, I saw a photo of Metro stairs with water pouring down. Both the Red and the Blue lines were closed for part of the day.

Photo by CAPTAIN RAJU Wikimedia Commons


Luckily I found the bus depot easily and bought my ticket with some time to spare. The map shows the bus route from Rome to Pineto. There were many tunnels and much rain. At one point we went through a tunnel and there was no rain. The driver continued on through another tunnel and the rain returned. The bus made several stops when we got close to the Eastern seaboard. I asked the driver to let me off at the Hotel Lunik in Pineto. Then I walked to my hotel on the northern side of the town.


Calascio is the red dot above the line and near Santo Stefano di Sessanio.

My first view of the Adriatic as I walked to my hotel.

This was the door to the balcony.













The room was advertised as having a sea view. If I stood on the balcony, I could see the sea.

The room was newly painted and the owner was working on updating the hotel.

During the night, I could hear a storm coming in from the Adriatic. Suddenly, along with the noise of the tempestuous wind, there were loud scraping noises downstairs. I realized that when I came in there were two entry doors. One door was sitting in its frame, but the wall was not finished around the frame leaving gaps open to the outside. I think the owner was trying to fix this before the storm hit. So I had another night with little sleep.

The Adriatic after the storm. 

Mi Manca Calascio

Mi Manca Calascio

When I sprained my ankle, surprisingly, I stayed relatively calm. I was tired and dazed. I determined to take one step at a time. Finding out that my ankle was not broken was a huge relief. When the doctor said I could hike after a week of elevation and ice I hoped he was right. However, my plans to take a bus to Calascio on Saturday morning had to change when I returned to my room at midnight Friday with almost no sleep for over 24 hours. On Saturday, I called Marissa and Fred to say I could not come to Calascio that day. Marissa informed me that there were no buses on Sunday to Calascio. Then to top it off, they were leaving on Monday to stay at a hotel near the airport before flying back to the states. As we talked, it was evident that Calascio with its steep streets and stairs was not a good place for a sprained ankle. This was the first time I felt like crying. I thought I would stay with them for two days in Calascio and walk in the plains behind the Santa Maria della Pietà. Maybe I would find out more about my grandparents. It was time to change plans. Mi manca Calascio – I miss Calascio or more literally, Calascio is missing to me.

Santa Maria della Pietà and Rocca Calascio from my 2011 trip.