Mi Manca Calascio

Mi Manca Calascio

When I sprained my ankle, surprisingly, I stayed relatively calm. I was tired and dazed. I determined to take one step at a time. Finding out that my ankle was not broken was a huge relief. When the doctor said I could hike after a week of elevation and ice I hoped he was right. However, my plans to take a bus to Calascio on Saturday morning had to change when I returned to my room at midnight Friday with almost no sleep for over 24 hours. On Saturday, I called Marissa and Fred to say I could not come to Calascio that day. Marissa informed me that there were no buses on Sunday to Calascio. Then to top it off, they were leaving on Monday to stay at a hotel near the airport before flying back to the states. As we talked, it was evident that Calascio with its steep streets and stairs was not a good place for a sprained ankle. This was the first time I felt like crying. I thought I would stay with them for two days in Calascio and walk in the plains behind the Santa Maria della Pietà. Maybe I would find out more about my grandparents. It was time to change plans. Mi manca Calascio – I miss Calascio or more literally, Calascio is missing to me.

Santa Maria della Pietà and Rocca Calascio from my 2011 trip.


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