Lucky Day, Pineto, September 11, 2017


I moved to a B&B, Sogni D’Oro Guesthouse, closer to the town center with a view of the hills from my balcony. When I booked through, I did not need to use my Italian to make the reservation. To add a day to the reservation or to check in I had to call the owner and this was a time to practice my Italian. We did not always understand each other, but in the end, we managed. The Sogni D’Oro was one unit in a building with other apartments. It was above a pizza restaurant with several rooms and a main hallway. The owner met me in front of the pizza restaurant, led me around the back to the second floor and gave me the keys. The weather cleared and I walked around town after viewing the nearby cafe where I would eat breakfast with a coupon provided by the guesthouse owner.

I spotted a woman on a bike pedaling away from me. She was sporting a backpack with a Canadian maple leaf. I still don’t know how I did this so quickly, but I said, “Canada!” She turned around and talked to me. Karen is from Toronto and was staying with her husband at their apartment in Pineto for a few more days. They rent the apartment during the high season of the summer and they visit the apartment before and after that time. Now, one of my goals while in Pineto was to find an apartment for a winter rental. In the process of retiring to Italy, one step that John and I adopted was to try out a few months in the winter. Karen invited me to her apartment and we discussed the possibility of me leasing it for 3 months.

From this corner near the apartment, you walk under the railroad tracks to access the beach.

Now for another bit of luck. Karen is a physical therapist or a physiotherapist. She offered to rewrap my ankle. She insisted that I could not keep that tape on for a week without damaging my skin.

Later, I spent more time exploring the town,

the nearby train station, beach and the pines.


2 responses

  1. What perfect luck indeed, and the apartment looks wonderful, love that kitchen. We also do the same when we see or hear anything or anyone Australian…. up our way it’s snowing in Piemonte. Hope you find the perfect place to stop for a bit.
    ciao ciao lisa x

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