Phone Frustration

Today I took the bus to Rosetta Degli Abruzzi to find a Vodafone store. I thought I had used up all of my data by talking to John with the video of Facebook messenger. Vodafone had sent me a message that I had 86 cents worth of credit left. So to use my phone or iPad, I kept going to free WiFi spots. I found one in the town center and sat on the steps of Villa Filiani. My other hangouts are the library and Caffè Sant’Agnese.

On Monday, I went to a phone store to try to sort it out. They told me I had to go to a Vodafone store. The nearest ones I could reach by bus were in Pescara or in Rosetta degli Abruzzi. My new acquaintance in the library, Valentina, told me that Rosetta degli Abruzzi was closer. I have her to thank for today’s excursion. The bus ride was only 15 minutes and fairly frequent.

It turns out the 86 cents was for phone messages. I have lots of minutes in both Italian phone calls and phone calls to the US. I bought a new plan that gives me unlimited use if social media and their messaging platforms. So this includes Facebook, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype and a bunch more I never heard of. Unfortunately, despite many attempts, the salesperson could not help me install the Vodafone app for Italy. I can install one for Turkey or India, but not one for Italy. Here in the library with WiFi, I was able to track my usage online with a browser. With this new plan, the sales person assured me that I have lots of gigabytes. So Italians use social platforms for their texting, unlike Americans who use the phone texting.

Here are some photos of Rosetta degli Abruzzi.

And the best news – I found an Italian teacher! Signora Nadia will teach me two times a week. I returned from my phone excursion in time to meet her and discuss classes. She has an office in the center of town, in centro, above an optical store. I like the term in centro. In English you can say in the center, but it seems to need the qualifier “of town”.


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