The Joys of a Towel Warmer and Cleaning Day

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The Joys of a Towel Warmer

Lorenzo fixed the heater in the bathroom today. For the first time, I took a shower and dried off with a heated towel. What a luxury. As I wrapped the warm towel around my wet body, I could not be happier. I just wanted to relish the joy. Why don’t Americans have this luxury? I am having trouble using the word we here as I refer to Americans. Two weeks in Italy and I am certainly a stranger here, but I am no longer sure I am part of “we Americans”.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Cleaning Day

When Lorenzo fixed the riscaldamento in the bathroom, it involved draining the water and air from the unit. Despite using a pot, una pèntola, there was water all over the floor. To be fair, for some reason there is no big pèntola in this apartment, not one big enough to boil water for pasta for several people. Lorenzo and his nephew dried up the water, but during the repair, Lorenzo had to walk into the kitchen often to adjust the water flow to all of the radiators. He also fixed the ceiling light in my bedroom which was flickering on and off in an alarming manner. This is a long explanation for the many footprints allover the floor in the hallway, kitchen and bedroom.

So today was a cleaning day.

I was never into buying Swiffer products back in the States, so the floor cleaner with slots for inserting throw away wipes has me baffled. I found some cloths in the apartment that are labeled for pavimenti or floors when I see them in a store. They are too big for this contraption, but they are fine for hands and knees washing. Today, with every floor in the apartment at stake, I tried inserting a microfiber cloth. The next problem is that this doesn’t really fit in any bucket, and if it did, it comes out very wet. So I take it off and wring it out several times for each floor.

To start the day, I washed the bedclothes. I realized I had never washed anything this big here with no clothes dryer. I have to do it the Italian way. No one lives next door to me, so I used the clothesline in the courtyard area next to mine. I am not sure where I will hang them in the house if they are not dry by nightfall. I have been bringing the folding dryer inside at night and the clothes finish drying by morning. It is not big enough for sheets, however, and to top it off, the drying rack is filled with the pillowcases at the moment.

Now to plan my escape. Pack up all the belongings I want with me for a walk and a visit to the library. Clean the kitchen floor and the last of the hallway as I exit the door.


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