Sun and Sea: Vasto, September 13, 2017

On Wednesday I traveled from Pineto to Vasto changing trains in Pescara. The second train continued to follow the coast but went through many tunnels. Sometimes arched openings in the tunnels revealed quick bursts of seascapes. The view of Ortona showed a busy working port.

Luigi picked me up at the Vasto San Salvo train station and took me to Villa Monteferrante, the hotel he runs with his wife. My room there was my favorite room of all the places I stayed in Italy. On the same floor as my spacious bedroom, there was another empty bedroom, a small kitchen, and a bath shared with the empty bedroom. Up some more stairs was a terrace with an awesome view of the sea. I had the terrace all to myself.

At Luigi’s recommendation, I walked to the Marina di Vasto and ate lunch at Lido Luccioletta down the hill from the villa. After a lunch of lasagna and sauteed zucchini, I explored the wide and curving sandy beach. There were many empty beach chairs and closed beach umbrellas. I tried to imagine the shore in the busy July and August season as I enjoyed the quiet of sharing the beach with only a few others. As I walked to the end of the pier, I watched a class of youth learn to sail on small boats. Then I continued walking hoping to reach the southern point of the curve. I didn’t make it that far before turning back. In the end, I accumulated over 7 miles of walking. Not bad for a sprained ankle.

At a small shop, I bought some mozzarella di bufala and some other groceries at a small grocery store. I cooked dinner and ate on the terrace until the sun started to set.